We have a fully air conditioned 3600 Sq Ft environment. You can relax at our food court, use play station after work hours, and find time to have innovative talks in our talks sessions.


These are the qualities we are looking for when we take one person to our team. If you prove good for the team, the team itself will welcome you. Until then, it's hard to sync inside.
We have lots of fun amidst work. More than work, we PLAY. According to our passion and love. Everyone here is trying to express not to impress. We start work at 10:00 AM and stop work at... well, who knows???


We all have a speed. To think, to type, to speak, to design,... but ones you are here , you might want to push yourself. The most important part of software development is speed. The world won't wait for us. We have to chase them and impress them by running as fast as possible. Pressure is in the way you take it. We have dates. All you can do is being disciplined. But we always understand legitimate reasons.

Together Everyone
Achieves More

Here we encourage team work rather than hardwork of individuals, because at the end of day, a team together will out perform any individual working alone. One point or another, you have to make a team to make things happen. Follow your team lead, have the right questions to ask, pass the ball at the right time! Be a Team player.

Great Effort Springs Naturally From Great Attitide

Take effort. Don't just sit inside your comfort zone. Always push yourself, for being the best. Take support from teammates, team leads or CEO if needed to get motivated and put more effort on the work you do.

Man Is Only Great When He Acts From Passion

Always have passion towards what you do. Unless you love what you do you can't excel at work. Only come here if you have passion about internet of things, innovation, creativity and connectivity. If you dont believe in software you dont make software.

Attitude Is A Little Thing That Makes A Big Difference.

Have attitude. We dont have a problem with that. We understand a person's privacy & interest. We dont push you to be a part of a work chain. We dont put a tie arround your neck to make you a disciplined kid. If you work hard, we accept your attitude and respect it. Emotions wont work out here. So hang on to your attitude.

Web Developer

We are looking for an outstanding
Web Developer to be responsible for
the coding, innovative design and
layout of our website. You will build our
website from concept all the way to completion from the
bottom up, fashioning everything from
the home page to site layout and function.

IOS Developer

We have opening for IOS developer. We
are looking for an IOS Developer who posses
a passion for pushing mobile technologies to
the limits and will work with our
team of talented engineers to
design and build the next generation
mobile applications.

Marketing Executives

We are looking for marketing executives
who can develop marketing campaigns to
promote our products and services. Candidates
with good communication skills and
those who speak fluently with high
level of confidence are prefered.

Software tester

We are currently looking for experienced
candidates in software testing who have software
development background. Candidates with excellent
technical knowledge of as many programming languages
and platforms as possible and have a good understanding
of the software testing lifecycle are prefered.