Do You Trust Your Device With Your Darkest Secrets
But you can’t expect it to be loyal, the only way to keep your secrets safe from others is to Shred it

10 different methods of shredding available.


Shredding free space will remove all previously “deleted” files from your device, forever.


Shred documents in one go from home screen.

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Leave no trace of your data. Better than factory reset and flashing the device.


Shred external storage device connected to your phone. Effective method than just formatting.


Browse image, video and audio files to shred, from home screen.

DFS Shredder

Why do you need shredder?

Your personal devices are “Personal”

We don’t feel comfortable when somebody else has the access to our personal devices like smart phones and tablets, especially when we have sensitive personal files stored in them, don’t we?

Sensitive files go through your devices

But at one point of time or other we all might have once saved such “personal files” in our devices and deleted it later. Can you feel relaxed knowing that these deleted data can be recovered using data recovery software?

Deleted files can be recovered

Even if you take a quick photo and delete it immediately after, along with all your other pictures and videos, it can be recovered. What most people don’t know is that when you delete information off your phone or undergo a factory reset, the data itself is not being deleted, it still remains in areas of the flash chip called solid state memory. Factory resets only destroy the paths to the data. This obviously allows people to re-establish their own pathways and retrieve the data. A full removal of personal data is not possible using a device’s in-built factory reset or by re-flashing the operating system.
Yes, normal deletion won’t remove the data forever from your device, that's where shredding comes to play. Shredding is the only digitally available method to erase data permanently without leaving any chances of recovery, unless you want to torch your device every time you store a sensitive information.

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Download the app !

Download the free version of DFS Shredder from Google play store. Use the Activation option inside the app if you wish to purchase the premium / enterprise edition.

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